Codepen: our favorite place to write code! It's in the cloud, and you can see results in real time, and you can see other users' creations and use their code as a springboard for your creation!
Girls Go Cyberstart This is a national competition that is made up of challenges- a new round starts soon, so find a buddy or 2, and a sponsor, and get started! 
FreeCodeCamp: a place online that offers free lessons in learning all kinds of computer languages. 
Vidcode: a place online that offers free lessons in learning javascript- adding photos, illustrations, videos and audio. It also offers a subscription to lessons.
Learn to Code With Me: This is a blog, and this post is a list of the best online courses that are free.
Codecademy: Online tutorials and interactive lessons for learning to code.  It is free, but you can get more content if you pay a monthly subscription.
Girls Who Code:  Closing the gender gap in technology related industries is the main focus of this group.  You can start a club and get support to meet that club's goals. 
Project CS Girls: This is a competition for middle school girls, about using technology to solve a social, health, or ecology problem.
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