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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this event cost any money?

This event is a free event, and we are limiting it to 50 female students. To increase the amount of time we have to code, we are securing funding for hotel rooms Friday night for school district groups traveling 2 or more hours to Austin. Each group of students and their sponsor is responsible for transportation to the event. Techs4Tex Foundation and corporate sponsors are providing lunch and t-shirts.

Does the sponsor from our school need to be a female sponsor?

Yes, we are encouraging any female teacher to be a sponsor- no coding experience necessary! We want this event to focus on women in computer programming. Contact us if you have a problem finding a female sponsor.

If I'm a school district sponsor, what will I do while the girls are working on projects?

You will be working on projects too!  We encourage our female sponsors to participate in our activities so that everyone gets the opportunity to share out their work at the end of the day.

What should I wear to the event?

That's easy to answer! We will be giving each girl a t-shirt upon arrival, based on the information on the form that the school district sponsor completed when she signed her group up. Wear something comfortable so that you can change into your t-shirt when you arrive!

Are male students invited to this event?

For this event, we are inviting female high school students only. We are planning to offer more events for students in our future, as funding allows.

Do I need to bring my own lunch or money for lunch?

No, our event sponsors are providing lunch. If you know of a company who would like to sponsor, share this website with them, or have them email for more information!

Do I need to bring my own device to this event?

No, we have access to a company who is willing to let us loan their computers.  Any forms that need to be completed will be given to the sponsor of the group.

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